Where in the marketing funnel does content sit?

Many organizations look at large portions of their content as a brand awareness tool rather than part of a measured lead generation strategy functioning within a specified sales journey. We partner and seamlessly integrate with marketers, marketing departments and some organizations without current marketing capacity whom to date, have only been able to comprehensively engage their audience at the top end of the marketing funnel.

We help you bridge the gap between awareness and conversion

Your stories can help carve a sustainable waterfall through each layer of the marketing funnel and Contentise empowers brands to systematize and actualize this potential in a sustainable manner.  We do this by combining the right mix of content marketing processes with thoughtfully selected combinations of the most competitive marketing tools in the industry depending on the context of your organization and the field within which you operate. Our methods include:

  • A free consultation with us to establish how we can facilitate the right improvements to current processes such that your sustainable growth and marketing transparency goals are met and subsequently measured at explicit benchmarks.

  • Full content audits that equip us with the knowledge to establish the optimal general course-corrections for your organization's content creation and curation, in addition to determining specifics such as the correct title, image, and copy combinations for your content.

  • Comprehensive and data-driven campaign analysis of all of your marketing initiatives allows us to be thoughtful, flexible and thorough in our approach to your organization's campaigns.  We then determine the specific tools and methods required to help your brand reach the point of optimal ROI for each campaign.

  • Specifically identifying the most suitable Content Discovery Platforms (CDN’s) and strategies for your content. Then, we leverage the right set of products across CDN’s to ensure success for these KPI’s.

  • Assigning the most relevant KPI’s to all customer-facing outlets in order to ensure that you maximize transactions across platforms while increasing customer trust and not sacrificing brand authenticity. This method ensures ROI-positive outcomes for your content discovery network strategy in addition to search network strategy, social network strategy, display network strategy, referral network strategy, branding strategy, publisher strategy, and performance marketing strategy.

  • Our highly responsive Client Services Team which ensures that your organization is set up for success.  We are a mission-driven organization and we want to not only create the conditions for a more sustainable physical world but also create the causes for a more sustainable business relationship. Find out why so many organizations and marketers couldn't be happier to have Contentise as their secret weapon!

Utilizing these methods, we've been able to create a holistic approach to marketing. We call this approach Sustainable Performance Content Marketing

Sustainable Performance Content Marketing ensures that each brand we work with gets their content to work for them at peak performance on all three pillars of the marketing funnel. We work intimately with each one to systematize sustainable growth in order to avoid extreme highs and lows. So, each brand that joins the Contentise family maximizes their return on investment for every marketing dollar spent.