The Complete Arbitrage Monetization Model


The Complete Arbitrage Monetization Model


In our first e-book, Complete Guide: How to Grow a Digital Audience in 30 Days, we taught you just that - how to grow a digital audience. Now we'll show you how the world's leading arbitrage sites monetize that audience in an ROI positive fashion. This comprehensive guide is all you need to start effectively monetizing your traffic today. 

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Table of Contents:

The Monetization Model: Introduction

Chapter 1: Display

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks
  • Impression Based Advertising Networks
  • Maximizing Display Advertising Yield Through an SSP
  • Everything You Need to Know About Header Bidding

Chapter 2: Sponsored Content Modules

  • Sponsored Content Modules Used by Major Arb Sites
  • Optimal Layouts for Sponsored Content Modules
  • Optimal Layouts: Footer Placement
  • Optimal Layouts: Sidebar Placement
  • Optimal Layouts: Gallery Endslate Placement

Chapter 3: Secondary Monetization Channels

  • In Text
  • Native Exchange
  • Direct Adsales (Display and Native)
  • Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 4: Finding the Optimal Page Layout

  • Layout Optimization Tools
  • Layout Trends for Arbitrage Sites: Desktop Article and Gallery Pages
  • Layout Trends for Arbitrage Sites: Mobile Article and Gallery Pages
  • Balancing Revenue With Onsite Content Recirculation
  • Effective Traffic Recirculation

Chapter 5: Under the Hood

  • In Depth Look at the Tools Used by Largest Arbitrage Buyers