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  • Full Content Evaluation Evaluating your content creation equips us with the data necessary for the establishment of all optimal course-corrections for your content creation processes. We perform one evaluation at the start of business and again at regular intervals over time.
  • Key Performance Indicator Assignment KPIs ensure positive outcomes for your campaigns. We assign KPIs to ensure accurate reporting within discovery networks, search networks, social networks, display networks, referral networks, and publisher networks.

  • Content Discovery Networks Selection Once KPIs are assigned, we leverage the appropriate set of strategies and products across the content discovery network(CDN) spectrum that correlate to your market and unique offering.

  • Data-Driven Campaign Analysis We set accurate campaign expectations and thoughtfully monitor all marketing efforts over time, report out on progress, and augment initiatives weighing feedback, response, and ROI.

  • Grassroots Campaign Integration. If you deploy a grassroots approach, then our experience creating messaging for face-to-face, call center, and email marketing operations will combine perfectly with all digital marketing efforts.

  • Our Client Services Team We are highly dedicated and responsive to your questions and feedback. Our knowledge, attitude, and transparency set us apart and create the conditions for your success.